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About Us

A caricaturist of all things.

Following the Creative dream – As a young child, I was mesmerised by my Grandfather’s (Val Blomfield) ability to sit and sketch the ducks, trees and water at Western Springs. I always had a fascination with his skill. He would always draw cartoons on any cards on any cards and envelopes given out at birthdays and Christmas’ – this is where my interest in cartooning began to grow.

My Father – Colin Blomfield – owned a signwriting shop (Blomfield Signs) spend as much time as I could watching both him and my grandfather creating unique pieces of art with every skilful brushstroke.

My hunger to grow my art into something more than a hobby has always been apparent. As I build traction as an Event Cartoonist, I take pride in the fact that my lineage is in Art and Cartoons.

My Great Grandfather, J.C.Blomfield, and my Great Uncle, William (Blo) Blomfield, were both published cartoonists for The Star and the Wellington Observer over 100 Years ago. I am especially proud to be continuing the legacy of being a published cartoonist ( and having a similar style to my Great Grandfather.

I believe there is magic that only a picture can give and through cartooning it is the connection and engagement with the people that gives me the most pleasure. Every event, every commissioned piece, makes me so grateful that I am able to do what I love and I am so humbled by the continuous support and encouragement.

To create is to live. To create art is to visually breathe your personal emotions through different mediums and onto different surfaces.

Darren Blomfield
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