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Our journey

Welcome to Caravans & Classics, New Zealand’s go-to website for all caravan and classic car enthusiasts.

My name is Mopar and as you would suspect, I’m a sucker for a caravan or classic car.

For me, it all started back in 1985. I was 17 and I bought my very first car; a 1959 Chev Bel Air. Fast-forward a couple of years and I had six cars, a Bedford van and two motorbikes.

It was at this stage my Mum said: “If you bring one more car home, you can find another place to live!” A week later I went out and bought a boat. (Lol, Poor Mum!)

Fast forward to 2009, which is when my wife Brenda and I bought our first caravan for $3500. A 1980 20ft Concord, it was one of the last out of the mould. It had sat up at the Waipu Campground for about 20 years in the salt air so it needed a lot of work!

This was when I realised that I wasn’t the only one with a passion for restoring older caravans and exploring our amazing home country with a ‘van in tow. I also noticed that there was no central source of information for people who are always looking for spare parts, repairs or a pub that has enough room to pull up and park your vehicles with ease.

So Caravans & Classics was born. The goal is to have a complete guide to every caravan and classic car part supplier, event and destination across New Zealand. And we’re well on our way!

Your journey

If you’re yearning to hit the open road with your caravan or you love classic cars, you’ll find so much of what you need here at Caravans & Classics.

Search our directory to discover all the best suppliers and locations to make owning or travelling in a caravan in New Zealand an absolute pleasure.

And if you’re a classic car owner, if there’s someone who can solve your latest restoration conundrum in New Zealand, you’ll find them listed with us.

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