The Start Of The Journey

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“The caravan and classic car scene in NZ is gaining momentum with more and more people renovating or restoring caravanz and classic cars. The quality and craftsmanship in the NZ caravan industry is and always has been 2nd to none! This is well proven with the amount of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s caravanz still being towed around or still being used for holidays in numerous campgrounds around New Zealand.”



Hello People, my name is Mopar and welcome to Caravanz and Classics, New Zealand’s go-to website for all caravan and classic car enthusiasts.

Well, it all started back in 1985 at the age of 17 when I bought my first car. A 1959 Chev Bel Air. A couple of years later I had 6 cars, a Bedford van & 2 motorbikes.

It was at this stage my Mum said: “If you bring one more car home, you can find another place to live!” A week later I went out and bought a boat. (Lol, Poor Mum)

Anywho, fast forward to 2009, which is when my wife Brenda and I bought our first caravan for $3500. It was a 1980 20ft Concord. One of the last out of the mould. It had sat up at the Waipu Campground for about 20 years in the salt air so it needed a lot of work.

After spending my whole life in the classic Car scene, I found myself being bitten by the caravan bug.

“Right then, I’m gonna do it up!” well if anyone knows me, they will know that this is never gonna happen!

“This is Mopar, Mopar buys cars and pulls them apart to do them up, Mopar doesn’t know how to put them back together again, don’t be Mopar”

So in Dec 2010, we bought a 1962 Starliner Standard to tow around behind our 1976 Holden HX Statesman DeVille Hearse while the Concord was getting done up – yeah right!

I found it really hard to get any information on these caravans, so also in Dec 2010, I formed the Facebook page “Caravanz Downunder” as an information station for people with kiwi built caravans where they could share information, parts and restoration tips.

In March 2011 Caravanz Downunder organised the 1st retro caravan show at Beach Hop 2011. We had about six retro caravans show up and we held it at the small corner reserve down by the wharf. Since then the retro caravan show has grown to over 100!

Over the years, I have noticed an ever-increasing amount of classic car and caravan combos showing up at events all across New Zealand. At the same time through the Facebook page, I had been getting numerous “Who & Where” questions from the caravan and classic car owners who were restoring, renovating or customising their rigs;

  • Who can repair my chassis?
  • Who can make an awning for my caravan?
  • Who can do an Electrical W.O.F. for my caravan?
  • Who can help me import a car from the States?
  • Who can rebuild my transmission?
  • Where can I get new window rubbers for my caravan?
  • Where can I get a tow bar fitted to my car?
  • Where can I get new name decals for my caravan?

So, this year I decided that New Zealand needed an online directory featuring the businesses that service the caravan and classic car community. ‘Caravanz Downunder’ evolved into ‘Caravanz & Classics’ to include caravan friendly cafes, pubs and attractions, pet-friendly holiday parks, vintage/retro goodies and upcoming events.

We will be constantly adding to the website and I will be travelling around New Zealand promoting Caravanz & Classics and the businesses on the directory.

We hope you all enjoy what we have put together.

Cheers Mopar